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Project: Visual Appetizer

Wopii’s project Visual Appetizer revolves around the development of an application which will offer an inspiring and innovative solution for ordering meals. To maximise the accessibility, it will work on several different devices, and it will offer an appealing and easy order function for older citizens, as well as create opportunities for social interaction through the facilitation of conversations.

  • Sectors involved: Creative Industries

  • Partner country: Sweden

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

Midway status

The Wopii-KOM project team completed the development of the basic application a month ahead of schedule. This means that, at the midway point, both the test environment and beta version of the application are ready for the test phase, which will involve end users in Klippan municipality in Sweden. For elderly people in home care or nursing homes, the tests will give access to a digital meal ordering service that is highly flexible to their needs.

Feedback from the tests will be used to finetune and finalise the application prior to deployment.

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KOM design AB
KOM design AB has a broad competence and experience working with design and production within all graphic areas and on all platforms, print or digital. Clients with both national and international perspectives. Together with Wopii Development AB they have developed the applications “MatGlad” and “MatGlad helt enkelt” for Hushållningssällskapet Väst (available on App Store and Google Play).