Project: Prevention of Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

Understand the latest science across three chronic age-related conditions (Pre- and Type 2 Diabetes, Bone Fragility and key Cardiovascular Medical Conditions) to design and build effective AI recommendation engines that will deliver optimum, personalised nutrition and activity plans for people over 50, helping them to improve quality of life.

Final report status

The aim of the Whisk team was to define nutritional and lifestyle factors associated with health decline in older people to inform the design of AI-based recipe recommendations. Robust, published research was used to define the range of healthy diets for age-related conditions. All these findings were validated in collaboration with a commercial partner – Ascensia Diabetes Care.

In addition to the project’s original goals, Whisk has developed a demonstration site for recipe and ingredient selection to provide personalised nutrition based on age, exercise and food preferences. Recipes are provided based on individual cooking skills.

Aston University played an invaluable role in identifying the best data.

The intention now is to use partner technology – Ascensia blood glucose meters and Samsung Health Tracking, for example – in order to obtain more user data for understanding individual responses to dietary change at scale. Over time, this will improve the accuracy of personalised nutrition recommendations.

Ascensia is now on board as the first client.

  • Sectors involved: IT (SAAS) business to business

  • Partner country: Germany

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Whisk

Whisk is a UK-based tech startup and for last 6 years, we have been building a food AI platform to create smarter, personalised food experiences.

By analysing how millions of people around the world interact with recipes and ingredients online everyday, and understanding trends, patterns and connections using Whisk’s Food Genome™, we make people’s digital experiences with food more personal and engaging.

Our technology uses deep-learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help global organisations to connect with their users in more meaningful ways.



Behaviour and environment can directly influence our health; both can act as a catalyst for various health conditions. At xbird, they keep track of both factors by using the sensors in your smartphone or wearable. Health care professionals can use the information to make better-informed decisions and personalised treatment recommendations for their patients.