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Project: WellbeSleep®

WellbeMed’s project WellbeSleep® is a unique product aimed at older consumers who have difficulties falling asleep. The product is composed of a mixture of natural, organic ingredients that were selected based on clinical trials. The project is currently in the process of carrying out market and sales analyses for the introduction of WellbeSleep® on the European market. WellbeSleep® will be available in sustainable packaging as the WellbeSleep® Bar and the WellbeSleep® Shot by the end of 2018.

Midway status 

“We are very happy with the progress of our work within the project and we have so far fulfilled what we planned. Best of all is that we are conducting consumer tests in two municipalities in Skåne during the month of November,” says the team behind WellbeMed.

Half way into the project, WellbeMed has developed a new product within their range of sleep products. It is an oat based drink that is aimed for the elderly who needs the extra nutrition and needs help to fall asleep at night. The drink, that contains the herbs of lemon balm and hops, should be consumed before going to bed as it can help the consumer calm down at night while at the same time getting valuable nutrition. Moreover, WellbeMed has conducted a competitor/market analysis with the help from a consultant, which focused on the German and UK market.

Final status 

What started out as an idea has turned into recipes for a nutritious WellbeSleep® bar and shot that have now been tested by residents in an elderly care home in Sweden. Several care home residents, who tested the products, reported that they were able to fall asleep more easily after consuming the bar and shot.

The biggest change from the original project idea was that, instead of developing a shot in an 80ml bottle, WellbeMed has chosen to produce a 500ml bottle containing five shots. The advantages are that the larger bottle is easier to open and can be kept in the refrigerator. A 100ml shot is also better for elderly consumers from a nutritional perspective.

Following a market and competitor analysis conducted with the help of a consultant, WellbeMed was able to develop an internationalisation strategy for the WellbeSleep® products. Discussions are underway with international actors who have chosen interest in the bar.

The bar is now on sale in Sweden and a copacker has been found for production of the shot. Industrial production was planned to begin in the spring of 2019.

WellbeMed plans to continue testing and evaluating the products. Quality assurance is one of the important areas of focus.

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