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Business Model

Main Take-Away
Through this webinar, SMEs understand the principles of business model design and gain significant and valuable insight, via practical advice as to how, when & why business model matters for their business. In order to bring to the participants added value and provide them with something they cannot easily find, it was decided to focus on Business Model for food businesses, instead of simply repeating all the 5Ps formulas etc. There are specific aspects that the companies need to consider and focus on before they start a project within the food/nutrition field and an effort was made to include those aspects in the content of the INCluSilver’s Business Model Webinar.

Speaker: Rolf Bjerndell, Sweden
Mr. Rolf Bjerndell has extended experience in managing change caused by deregulation and changing market conditions as well as in driving change himself as leader, board member or business angel. He has been an Acting Chief Executive Officer at Oatly AB since October 30, 2007. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Skånemejerier since 1994. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Skane Dairy from 1994 to 2005. He served as an Acting Chief Executive Officer of Probi AB. He served as the Chairman of Probi from 1996 to 2000. He serves as a Director of Brämhults Juice AB, Sydkraft Nät AB, Carl Bro Sverige AB, Ellco Foods AB, Malmö Incubator AB, Swedish Oat Fibre AB, Swedish Oat Fibre AB, Ideon Agro Food and Aventure AB. He served as a Director of Midsona AB (publ), Augmenta AB and Midelfart Sonesson AB. He served as a Director of Probi AB from 1996 to 2006. He also serves as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Southern Sweden. Mr. Bjerndell received M.Sc. from Lund University. He holds Degree in Business Administration from Lund University. Rolf started his cooperation with Peter Wennstrom in the mid-nineties when he was CEO of the Swedish functional food pioneer Skane Dairy. The cooperation led to the successful development of the ProViva brand, later sold to Danone. Rolf has been actively involved in HMT since our start in 2007 and for the last seven years as our chairman.

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Incubation / Co-location

Main Take-Away
Participating SMEs have the chance to learn about life in Incubators, find out when it’s the right time for them to look into attending an incubator and familiarise themselves with what they should expect. Participating SMEs are also offered the chance to use, for 2 to 3 days a dedicated office space area in close proximity with cluster members (subject to space availability).

Speaker: Caroline Fleming, UK
Mrs. Caroline Fleming brings a wealth of experience of working with start-ups and a great track record in new technology development. At Surrey University she holds the role of Head of Incubation, Head of Student Enterprise and Director of the S100 Angel Investment Network Club where she focuses on building SME networks that link innovative companies together with University research excellence, business support skills and OEMS and professional service providers. She is Centre Director for SETsquared Surrey.

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PR & Branding

Main Take-Away
Through this webinar, SMEs are provided with the necessary training to build or support their existing branding and PR strategy. They are given guidelines for making a content plan for the different online media as well as the required tools and insights to monitor online activities.

Speaker: Nikolai Milman, Denmark
Mr. Nikolai Milman is currently working as Project Manager in the Danish Food Cluster. With years of expertise within a myriad of fields, Nikolai has unique knowledge of multiple subject areas, including communication, marketing and PR, and workshops. Nikolai has been Project Manager at Danish Food Cluster since its beginning and has played an integral role in the planning and hosting of their international conferences and projects. He is also Owner and Adviser at Communicator, which offers strategic sparring of communication and digital solutions.

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Fundraising Access To Finance & Pitching Investors

Main Take-Away
Participants receive answers to numerous questions related to raising different types of funds. They are also given practical guidelines and advice, which prepare them in order to successfully attract funds and support the growth of their business.

Speaker: Gregory Yovanof, Greece
Gregory S. Yovanof, Ph.D. is a Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Athens Information Technology (AIT), and a former Associate Dean of the AIT. He currently serves as the head of the “Research in Innovation & Entrepreneurship – RIE research group.
In addition to academic work, his professional career includes an over twenty-year tenure in the high-tech industry in the greater Asia-Pacific region. He has also led the development of several award-winning ICs for the DVD market as a co-founder and an executive manager at two start-up companies in Silicon Valley. Dr. Yovanof received a Ph.D degree in Communications from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA. A holder of four patents on imaging systems, Dr. Yovanof is a senior member of the IEEE.

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Main Take-Away
Internationalisation is a challenge but brave organisations often win. This webinar is excellent for providing learning by examples: SMEs are supported in their decisions, good and bad examples are presented, and if it seems that the SME is not ready for internationalisation, further support is offered.

Speaker: Jaime Sánchez Fraga, Spain
Mr. Jaime Sánchez Fraga holds a Master in International Trade Management and Degree in Politics (University of Santiago de Compostela). Master in International Business (CECO Foundation, ICEX). He is the International Sales Director at DELEGLE, a company he previously served as export manager, export co-manager, International Sales Manager, Export Sales Representative in Latin America, Export Sales Intern. He also held the position of Foreign Trade Intern at the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm and International Sales intern at Financiera Maderera (FINSA).

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