Top food trends for healthy ageing


By Kylee Sanders, freelance writer & editor

Date: April 23, 2019

The ageing European population presents countless opportunities for tailor-made food products, trends, and campaigns according to studies undertaken by the Wageningen University & Research. Every year, a new set of culinary crazes makes its way into the restaurants, supermarkets, and home kitchens of Europe. While some are considered to be downright outrageous, others can easily be incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet suitable for seniors. Of all the trends predicted for the year ahead, there are three in particular that stand out, thanks to their immense health benefits.

Try fermented foods

Fermentation is once again making a comeback as gut health continues to be a top priority among consumers. Fermented foods such as kefir, komchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha are particularly beneficial to seniors, as they often have significantly less good gut bacteria in their intestines than younger adults. Due to this bacteria deficiency, individuals over the age of 50 are also a lot more prone to a variety of gastrointestinal infections. The probiotics contained inside fermented foods boast immense gut-healing properties that can contribute greatly towards healthy aging. While a variety of organic fermented foods can be found in supermarkets and delis across Europe, you can also prepare your own at home without too much effort.

Consider nootropics

Nootropics have become extremely popular of late, and will once again trend this year. Supplement manufacturers are aggressively punting smart pharmaceuticals that can improve a variety of cognitive functions, including attention, focus and memory. Memory lapses become increasingly common as we age, which is why incorporating nootropic foods into a diet comes highly recommended. Some of the most powerful nootropic foods that can benefit seniors include eggs, extra-virgin olive oil, dark chocolate, blueberries, and turmeric. Not only are these ingredients readily available, they are considered to be reasonably affordable as well. Individuals who like cooking will easily be able to simply switch on the stove and whip up a delicious meal using a variety of beneficial nootropic ingredients. A serving of dark leafy greens and fatty fish can literally be prepared within minutes on a good gas stove, while making a cup of organic coffee already forms part of the daily routine of countless Europeans.

Teas of all colours and flavours

After what seems like an eternity of coffee-related trends surfacing every year, tea is promising to be the star of the show in 2019. As consumers become increasingly wary of soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol, tea is fast becoming the beverage of choice of countless people in Europe and the rest of the world. Green tea is particularly beneficial to seniors, thanks to its countless health-boosting properties. It is not only filled with antioxidants that are known to reduce the cell damage linked to aging, but it may also increase bone density, reduce cholesterol levels, and boost the metabolism. Other healthy teas to consider include rosemary tea, ginger tea, eucalyptus tea and, of course, chamomile tea, which has a lovely, calming effect when consumed just before bedtime.

Growing old is a privilege not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. Thankfully, a balanced diet coupled with other healthy habits will improve overall well-being, boosting and increasing longevity significantly.