TechApps Healthier

Project: Healthier Senior

People over 50 are now empowered to take their health into their own hands, through an application tailor-made to their needs. Healthier Senior provides them with the necessary tools and information, including nutrition and prevention tips, medication/ symptoms/ chronic disease management, health record, logging of daily health measurements, tracking, etc. Healthier Senior will serve as a tool for promoting healthy living at a personalised level by encouraging prevention, exercise and healthier habits, as well as increasing adherence to doctor’s prescriptions.

  • Sectors involved: E-health

  • Partner country: Greece

  • Voucher(s): Economic Feasibility Analysis Voucher

  • Part of consortium: No

About TechApps Healthier

TechApps Healthier is a Greek-based startup in the field of m-health. Its main project concerns Healthier, a Personal Assistant for health management. It includes a number of features that allows its users to monitor and manage their health in an easy and effective way, while they receive personalised, meaningful and actionable insights and tips about their health. They are also placed at the center of a broader ecosystems thanks to Healthier’s partners and connectivity opportunities. TechApps Healthier also works with patient associations, research and health-related organizations for providing specialised solutions in the field of m-health.