Taking fermented innovation to market

The dietary supplements are based on seaweed and canola.

FermBiotics completes its INCluSilver project – one product richer and a whole lot wiser

You might have the most innovative product in the world, but if you don’t have the right branding strategy, then the chances are it will never go anywhere. For FermBiotics, this was a prime concern when they sought an INCluSilver grant for their fermented dietary supplement project.

Now, as the project comes to a close, the Danish microbiome startup has developed another new product and is a whole lot wiser about how to enter the market.

On the right track

Fermentation is one of today’s hottest trends, so FermBiotics was already on the right track with their fermented canola and seaweed proteins. The initial aim of their INCluSilver project was to develop a dietary supplement aimed at adults aged 50+ who struggle with high cholesterol.

Over the past year, the team has also created another fermented dietary supplement based on seaweed and mustard seed – a plant in the same family as canola. Initial results with this prototype product are very positive, although further tests are required.

A key to better immunity

“There are strong indications that LDL cholesterol – which is the problematic cholesterol in older adults – is a result of an imbalance in the gut microflora, leading to a thinning of the intestinal wall and an increased risk of disease.

“Research has shown that, when canola and seaweed proteins are fermented in combination, substances are released that can reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood,” explains Tina Krüger Lauritsen, marketing and strategic manager.

Input for going to market

The second part of the INCluSilver project involved conducting focus group interviews with potential consumers. These have provided essential input for FermBiotics’ go-to-market strategy.

“Being part of INCluSilver has given us a lot,” Tina says. “On the product development side, we have lifted our product to a new level through our work with the food consultants at FIPROS. The focus groups have given us some hardcore feedback about the product name, label and logo and how we best can present the product to the market.”

FermBiotics is now fine-tuning the marketing strategy and expects to launch its dietary supplement during 2020. By then, Tina hopes the results from two clinical studies in collaboration with University of Copenhagen and Silkeborg Hospital, respectively, will have shed further light on the health benefits.


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