INCluSilver project invests in 13 companies for their solutions for the elderly

Date: 19 February 2018 

Support for 13 new solutions within nutritional innovation and improved quality of life for the growing number of 60+ citizens in Europe

Close to € 650,000 will be distributed to 13 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the next month by the INCluSilver project for the development of their ideas within the field of personalised nutrition for the elderly. Out of 39 SME applications from all around Europe, 13 particularly innovative companies from six different countries have been selected to receive funding in this first round of application.

All the chosen companies have truly innovative and unique ideas, but the one thing the projects have in common is the goal to create better nutritional solutions for the elderly and improve their quality of life,” says Magnus Lagnevik, Project Coordinator on the INCluSilver project.

The selected projects are wildly different, ranging from tech for rehabilitation and physical activity monitoring to the development of genetically personalised nutrition and 3D cultural content creation. The chosen companies are:

  • BioCoS
  • Dietary Molecular Diagnostics, S.L.
  • Indevex AB
  • Liquid Vision Innovation Ltd.
  • MG Nutrición 3G
  • Movesca ApS
  • NutriMed Dietary Supplement Producing Ltd.
  • SENS Innovation ApS
  • Wellbemed Sweden AB
  • Wopii Development AB

The projects represent four out of INCluSilver’s five collaborative sectors: agro-food, health, packaging, ICT, and creative industries. All of the selected companies and their respective projects will be featured on the INCluSilver website.

More opportunities for SMEs

These are just the results of the first round of INCluSilver innovation vouchers, and SMEs are already free to apply for funding for the second round of submissions which is open until Thursday, 15 March 2018. With 33 % rate of approval and nearly €2.2 million left to award innovative companies, there is plenty of time and reasons to apply.

The INCluSilver project offers 3 types of innovation vouchers that range in value from €3,000 to €60,000. SMEs from the following INCluSilver member countries are welcome to apply: Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

This kind of money is rarely directed towards the public sector and the elderly. That’s why it’s so exciting to be able to support projects that improve the lives of our ageing population and help innovative SMEs, creating value for the public sector in two different ways at once,” says Magnus Lagnevik.

Besides funding, INCluSilver hosts entrepreneurial events where SMEs from across Europe can network and inspire each other, effectively offering SMEs a fast track into European and international markets.