Sens Innovation ApS

Project: ActifoHealth

Sens Innovation’s project is named ActifoHealth and stands for “Physical activity and food intake as central health status and motivational life-style parameters”. The project focuses on developing and testing a new, cross-sectoral IT-solution that enables a combination of physical activity monitoring and food intake management. The IT-solution will allow hospitals and the municiple nursing sector to collaborate on patient health and play an integrated role in professional  health evaluations.

  • Sectors involved: Health & ICT

  • Partner country: Denmark

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

About Sens Innovation ApS
SENS Innovation ApS was founded in 2014. SENS develop and produce the product SENS motion®, which aim to revolutionize the way our health care system use objective physical activity monitoring as an integrated part of both the treatment and prevention of a number of illnesses. SENS has developed and sell SENS motion® for rehabilitation and physical activity monitoring research projects.


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