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Project: ActifoHealth

Sens Innovation’s project is named ActifoHealth and stands for “Physical activity and food intake as central health status and motivational life-style parameters”. The project focuses on developing and testing a new, cross-sectoral IT-solution that enables a combination of physical activity monitoring and food intake management. The IT-solution will allow hospitals and the municiple nursing sector to collaborate on patient health and play an integrated role in professional  health evaluations.

Midway status

At the halfway point, the ActifoHealth project is on budget and making progress, although slower than expected due to challenges with recruiting hospitals and care centres. Two Danish municipalities – Skive and Aarhus – are expected to be ready for pilot trials from May 2019. The users, who will test the activity-monitoring skin patches and related app, will come from acute care centres and hospitals.

The basic requirements for the app were established through workshops and field work. Programming was completed in April 2019. Based on initial experience and user feedback, the continuous process to update the sensor and user feedback system is also underway.

Final report summary

The main project goals have been reached with more test patients than planned and a two-loop product maturation phase.

Trials were conducted with 40 lung patients at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, along with a more qualitative evaluation of three carefully selected users of an acute care centre in Skive municipality. The experiences of all 43 users were carefully documented, providing concrete input for optimising the app and the IT system behind it.

The basic requirements for the app were established with partner Et Al. ApS. Therapists at Bispebjerg Hospital evaluated the design at a workshop in February 2019, so the app was ready for the user trials, which began in May.

Due to the current inability of public sector IT departments to integrate the SENS motion system with hospital systems, an integration emulation demonstrated the feasibility of moving the system from pilot trials to clinical implementation.

  • Sectors involved: Health & ICT

  • Partner country: Denmark

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Sens Innovation ApS
SENS Innovation ApS was founded in 2014. SENS develop and produce the product SENS motion®, which aim to revolutionize the way our health care system use objective physical activity monitoring as an integrated part of both the treatment and prevention of a number of illnesses. SENS has developed and sell SENS motion® for rehabilitation and physical activity monitoring research projects.


CareConsult A/S
CareConsult develops and delivers IT-solutions to the healthcare and social services sector within the Danish municipalities.

Et Al’s purpose is to optimise and develop digital products, including platforms on phones, tablets, and computer screens, and digital installations.

Movesca ApS
Movesca makes intelligent digital solutions to reduce malnutrition among elderly citizens and hospital patients.