Project: Sweet potato food products for the ageing population

With Spanish company, Blendhub, SACOMA will use the world’s first decentralized food manufacturing network (FoodIndustry4.0) to bring new sweet potato-powders and meals that are nutrient dense, Gluten Free, Tasty and affordable and are more relevant for an older population; to be launched in the UK/EU market within 6 months.

Extending the utilization of sweet potatoes as main ingredients for improved nutrition and by production of food powders, and using novel ingredients that are sourced sustainably and ethically to develop  enriched foods, and  allergen-free products, suitable for the dietary needs of the silver community.

“Our technology partner in spain, Blendhub is collaborating to develop, produce and deliver the powder-based foods from sweet potato flour. Together we are using their new cloud blending model. This collaboration will create a platform to grow sales of the powder based products and allow it to reach our joint  potential in supplying a growing EU market of the silver community”.

  • Sectors involved: Food, sustainability and IT

  • Partner country: Spain

  • Voucher(s): Economic Feasibility Analysis

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Sacoma

SACOMA Global foods Innovation is a UK limited company with a social impact and innovation-led food business model aiming to develop new innovative food products made from sweet potatoes; a range of food products that are tasty, healthy and Free From Gluten and sugar. We are concerned not only with the function and performance of our food products but with the emotional role they play in people’s lives and the effects on environment, the producers and the consumers, reducing food loss and waste. Winner of IFE World Food Innovation Award 2017.



Cloudblending is Food Industry 4.0 and a Blending unit for decentralized manufacturing model (CloudBlending), a fully-integrated platform service that draws together every agent in the agri-food industry. #CloudBlending applies the Software-as-a-Service principles that revolutionized IT to powder blends.