INCluSilver Research

On this page, you can find some of the research that has been carried out on the INCluSilver project by the different partners and our panel of experts.

This review gathers together evidence that may inform decision-making to support nutrition for older adults. It includes evidence on nutritional requirements for people over the age of 65 years where they are different from adults in general and considers whether or not these requirements are being met; the association between lower nutrient levels and health outcomes is considered for older adults, although because of the design of these studies, the evidence cannot imply that restoring a nutrient level that is deficient in older adults will improve health outcomes; and finally we consider the effects of diets that are supplemented with particular nutrients within intervention trials on age-associated health outcomes.

Read the review: European Personalised Nutrition Strategy here.

This document presents the results of the first INCluSilver Collective Intelligence Session in Galway this autumn. The aim of this workshop was to harness the expertise of the INCluSilver Panel of Experts to inform future project activities. Specifically, the panel of experts addressed the following tasks:

  • identify challenges to the design of effective and efficient Personalised Nutrition
    services for older adults
  • identify barriers which SMEs face in working to innovate in this context
  • identify competencies needed by SMEs for successful innovation in this context
  • identify criteria which can be used to assess these competencies

Read the report: Collective Intelligence Design Sessions here.

This paper documents the results of a series of stakeholder surveys carried out by the National University of Ireland, Galway. The surveys were designed to provide insights into the perceptions of personalised nutrition of five key stakeholder groups: End Users, SMEs, Researchers, Healthcare Professionals, and Policy Makers. The surveys also reveal perceived barriers and challenges to the production and design of solutions within personalised nutrition for older adults.

Read the full paper: Stakeholder Analysis here.