Project: Food development from seaweed ingredients to healthier products addressed to elderly population.

Development of a novel range of healthier products soup and/or cream type, formulated with seaweed and other organic ingredients that covers specific nutrition needs for the elderly population, and adapted product properties, in particular texture, appearance and taste and adapted design with convenient preparation to easier packaging manipulation, and adapted portions as well as with adequate nutritional and preparation information on the label.

The new product/s will have, traditional flavours and aromas and appealing appearance adapted to different gastronomic cultures. The products will be made with organic ingredients, specifically seaweed, an innovative and natural resource with local origin. Seaweed is a highlight novel ingredient: a nutritious food ingredient that will provide a high percentage of the recommended daily intake of nutrients for this segment of the population.  The final product will have adapted portions, will be easy to manipulate and prepare to facilitate its use for elder population. The labelling design will be adapted to easy reading and include information that facilitates comprehension about the properties and preparation. Moreover, it will highlight information related to its nutrition values

  • Sectors involved: Nutrition & Health

  • Partner country: Spain

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes


PORTO-MUIÑOS is a family business, Antonio and Rosa Mirás, his wife, started in 1998 to market algae. The first years were processed to market in dehydrated and preserved. Currently you can also find their products in powder, salting, fresh, the latter with great success. Their algae are distributed in all the points of the Spanish community, and in different countries of the five continents.

Antonio and Rosa base the success of their company on the study and dissemination of the organoleptic qualities of algae.

This small canner also dedicates space and time to the elaboration of other products of the Galician sea: delicate canned sea urchin roe, monkfish liver whose flavor and texture has obtained a good qualification from specialists, mussels with seaweed, infusions of seaweed, wheat semolina pasta with seaweed and other products with all the flavor and richness of the Atlantic.


FIPROS stands for Food Industry Processing Services. Their core activites include helping clients with process development, testing, and scaling up, as well as offering general assistance and crisis management. The end goal is to ensure effective and flexible food production without compromising food safety.