The Time has Come for Personalised Nutrition

Date: 12 October 2017

The popularity of personalised nutrition is swiftly on the rise. With people living longer, the interest in healthy-living has grown, and the desire to ‘take back control’ is fuelling consumer interest in personalised nutrition. The market is responding to this trend with the launch of numerous new personlised health products, and there has been a rise in research dedicated to the cause.

The in-depth article by Stephen Daniells’ looks at the importance of personalised nutrition from an industry-facing perspective. Industry experts Dr Timothy Morck, founder and president of Spectrum Nutrition LLC, and John Helfrick, director of BASF Human Nutrition, delve into the benefits and challenges surrounding personalised nutrition based on genetic coding, human metabolism, and collaboration.

More and more people are straying from the one-diet-fits-all strategy that has long been used in favour of customising diets to fit particular needs, be it allergies, sickness, or general age and health-related issues. According to Dr Morck, diets can be even more personalised in the future to prevent certain illness from occurring at all, instead of trying to treat them through diets once they’ve already appeared. The human organism is complex and varies greatly from person to person, Dr Morck explains. Therefore, the need for an optimal nutritional approach for each individual must be considered.

The experts agree on one thing: The ultimate goal for the industry should be to make this kind of replica health advice available to everyone. With advancement of the science of nutritional products, and the growing interest in wellbeing, Helfrick’s opinion is clear: “The time has come for personalised nutrition“.

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