Panel of experts

Date: 12 June 2017 in Galway, Republic of Ireland

To ensure optimal innovation in personal nutrition for the silver population, INCluSilver gathered a panel of experts to develop a set of competencies which they believe all SMEs must possess in order to succeed in this venture. The panel, comprised of 18 experts from a wide variety of fields, came up with 5 key competencies they feel are vital to the innovative success of the INCluSilver project. These 5 competencies are:

  • Collaboration competency – it is crucial for SMEs to be prepared to collaborate, as well be willing to work with experts or additional partners.
  • Business competency – this includes the legal side, marketing, and all the regulatory affairs including “health claims” and the like. The following sub-categories fall under this competency:
    • Market analysis, which is crucial for tasks such as identifying gaps in the market or identifying potential for financial gains
    • Fundraising, which should be driven by the SMEs but with input from other partners
  • Consumer understanding/User Engagement/Behaviour Science – all of this boils down to the importance of engaging with and understanding the consumer to ensure that the product addresses consumer needs and will be seen as attractive and usable by the consumer.
  • Technological competency – the need for SMEs to have knowledge of or access to knowledge of the intricacies of developing the product, as well as insight into design innovations which will enhance the efficacy of the product, as well as its appeal to end user.
  • Nutritional/Health competency – SMEs should draw upon the expertise of nutritional scientists and health care professionals in the design and development of their innovation, as well as have a certain level of understanding of the science themselves.

Read the report containing the results from the meeting.

Meet the panel

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