NutriMed Dietary Supplement Producing Ltd.

Project: Development of a personalised food supplement to increase the number of years living healthy

The aim of this project is to create the MVP of a personalised, liquid-based food supplement system that contains an application, a mixer, and cartridges containing solutions of different vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients focusing on the mixer and the cartridges. The system helps monitor the exact dietary supplement intake to ensure the required dosage.

  • Sectors involved: Health & ICT

  • Partner country: Hungary

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About NutriMed Dietary Supplement Producing Ltd.
The main activities are producing and distributing dietary supplements, secondly the development of them. Product scope improvement is in close connection with these activities.


ICCS Ltd. is a part of Scada Group, a dominant actor in the field of industrial automation and industrial information technology in Hungary. Scada Group offers a complex service package in many industries for companies who want their process management tools and systems to work efficiently and in a coordinated manner.


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