Nutrigenetics and the Silver Population
An interview with MG Nutrición 3G

Date: 26 April 2018 

When it comes to the supported projects in the INCluSilver project, the main focus is always on the solutions and concepts the chosen SMEs are working on, with very little focus given to the SMEs themselves. In this first in a series of posts about some of our SMEs, we are shifting the focus from the projects to the SMEs to explore who they are and why they want to work with the Silver Population.

MG Nutrición 3G
MG Nutrición 3G from Spain is currently working on demonstrating the effectiveness of personalised nutrition recommendations in preventing diseases based on a genetic test that allows knowing individual predisposition for diseases. The project stems from the company’s work in nutrigenetics – the field on which genetically personalised nutrition is based. They’ve developed a simple test that can predict which major diseases may affect someone in the future based on genetic predisposition in order to help prevent those diseases with the right food and a healthy lifestyle.

Why the Silver Population?
For MG Nutrición 3G, working with the Silver Population is nothing new since the users of their services are already healthy people over 50 who want to prevent future diseases.

This age group is growing significantly in recent years and it is expected that in the next few years the population above 50 years will exceed the population under that age, which reinforces the importance of the prevention of common diseases during the ageing process,” says Javier Campión, CEO and Scientific Director of MG Nutrición 3G.

This attitude appears to be shared by their consumers in the Silver Population who spend twice as much on health-related products and services as those under the age of 45. And while life expectancy in the EU is high, the number of healthy years people have as they age is much lower, and MG Nutrición 3G believe that the prevention of diseases is crucial to improving both life expectancy and quality of life. Moreover, millions of euros could be saved on healthcare if unnecessary expenses were eliminated and prevention and primary care were reinforced.

Prevention through personalised nutrition
MG Nutrición 3G hopes to change the field of personalised nutrition through their genetic test.

It’s never too late to start preventing your possible illnesses through nutrition,” says Campión.

The test analyses 11 diseases that are common in older adults, checking for stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis, among others. What’s different about MG Nutrición 3G’s test compared to others on the market is that the results of their test are combined with concrete nutritional and lifestyle recommendations in order to counteract any genetic risks that are present.

You can read more about MG Nutrición 3G’s project here.