Project: Muscle EMG monitoring technology for evidence-based dietary decisions towards protection of muscle tone and strength beyond 50 years of age

MuscleCare explores technology transfer of electromyography (EMG), typically used in clinical settings to monitor muscle health, into the field of quantitative nutrition for over-50s.

MuscleCare is an easy-to-use version of the clinical EMG which will be co-marketed with muscle-targeting dietary supplements, e.g. omega-3 fish oil.

Final report summary

The project’s primary objective was to determine the market need for an EMG device that could support dietary decisions for maintaining muscle health in older adults. This has involved mapping the need and interest of dieticians for such a device and conducting preliminary assessments of the technical complexities associated with a range of product types.

During interviews, we learned about the Senior Fitness Tests (SFT) and Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) that are currently used to monitor muscle tone and strength in the over-60s. Dieticians and clinical staff expressed an interest in an EMG device to supplement these well-established tests.

A key requirement stated in the interviews is that the SFT, SPPB and EMG tests are integrated in a single device and data analysis interface. For the EMG, a possible solution could be a desktop console or a low-cost set of wearable EMG sensors.

Market research further revealed that an EMG device for measuring muscle health could also have potential within the fitness sector. If targeted at both the silver and fitness markets, there is an increased chance of generating sufficient sales to make a low-cost EMG device economically viable.

Funding permitting, the next step for this project is to develop an EMG product for fitness companies and dieticians/clinical staff.

  • Sectors involved: Health & Technology

  • Partner country: Spain

  • Voucher(s): PIV Voucher

  • Part of consortium: No

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