Mills of Crete: Nutritional organic multi-grain rusk 

Project: Development of a nutritional organic multi-grain rusk for the silver population

We will develop a multi-grain organic rusk with beneficial health effects for the silver population, containing genetically verified (traceable) and adulteration-free, monovarietal extra virgin olive oil. The project combines nutritional food production and state-of-the-art analytical technologies to ensure quality assurance and deliver a high-end food product for the silver population.

  • Sectors involved: Health, bakery, optical measurement

  • Partner country: Greece, UK

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Mills of Crete
Mills of Crete is one of the largest companies in Crete and one of the most important mills in Greece. The company’s experts develop tailormade, exclusive flour types with special nutritional characteristics. Mills of Crete pioneers R&D in innovative functional foods with health benefits for the silver population.



BioCoS stands for “Bioinformatics and Computational Science”. The core business activity is to provide and commercialise Bioinformatic solutions in the biomedical and agri-food industry e.g., omics data, biomarkers, DNA traceabilty and authenticity of products.

Samaria Bakery

Natural ingredients processed the traditional way by experienced people with great knowledge and a keen taste, creating amazing products known for their appetising tastiness and beneficial health effects.

Liquid Vision Innovation Limited

Liquid Vision Innovation specialises in optical measurements, in situ real-time analysis of fluids and sensor engineering and integration.