Metabolites hold the secret to healthier living

Date: June 18, 2019 

Biomeb prepares to launch WellB+ – a personalised e-health platform based on metabolomics

Everyone needs a balanced diet and regular exercise to stay fit and well. In Spain, the health technology company Biomeb has taken that recipe for healthy living a step further. Via their new WellB+ e-health platform, it’s now possible for individuals to gain an overview of their metabolic profile and, through that, personalised advice on how to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other lifestyle-related conditions.

The Biomeb team recently completed an INCluSilver project to develop and test WellB+ as an easy-to-use desktop platform for health-conscious older adults.

This is a consumer group that is proactively committed to health and nutrition. We’ve made it very easy for people to register and gain access to a private area on the platform. The financial support from INCluSilver was crucial for this,” says Elias Daura Oller, Biomeb co-founder and CEO.

Establishing a profile
To get started, users are required to provide a blood sample and complete a questionnaire, which covers personal data, medical history, dietary habits and physical activity. The blood sample is used to establish a metabolic profile and related health risk factors. By combining this with the results of the questionnaire, WellB+ then provides personalised nutrition recommendations for risk reduction.

We have tested WellB+ with a selected group of users to evaluate usability, usefulness and compliance with our pre-defined requirements.  Feedback from the trial has been used to fine-tune the product, which is now ready for market.

Users can choose to share their WellB+ report and recommendations with their doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer.” Oller explains.

Strong scientific background
Biomeb is well qualified to develop the platform. All members of its scientific team are part of the NUTREN research group at the University of Lleida and the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida. NUTREN is behind more than 200 international publications, which support the development of Biomeb products.

Metabolomics – the study of small molecules, or metabolites, to map the physiological state of an organism – is a common starting point, Oller says.

“We will continue investing in the development of new products and services based on metabolomics for the health and agri-food sectors along with the discovery of new biomarkers for metabolic syndrome.

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