Medifood Hungary Innovation Kft.

Project: MediDrink Silver

Project MediDrink Silver works with the development and manufacturing of innovative clinical nutrition products that specifically address the needs of elderly people suffering from malnutrition. It also aids those at risk from malnutrition due to age-related conditions or specific diseases.

  • Sectors involved: Agro-Food & Health

  • Partner country: Hungary

  • Voucher(s): Economic Feasibility Analysis Voucher & Scalability and Internationalisation Voucher

About Medifood Hungary Innovation Kft.
Medifood was founded with the purpose of developing research-based and innovative clinical nutrition products. Following 2 years of R&D, their flagship product, MediDrink Plus was registered and launched in Hungary in 2011.

Medifood’s mission is to develop and provide disease/condition specific FSMPs for disease-related malnutrition in order to contribute to the improvement of medical treatment. Their goals are to develop targeted nutrition for specific diseases and to achieve active worldwide presence. Medifood strives to improve patients’ quality of life through the innovation of products, therefore contributing to the efficacy of medical treatments.


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