Lowering LDL cholesterol through fermentation
An interview with FermBiotics

Date: September 20 2018

A supporting INCluSilver project is run by FermBiotics – a company concerned with food ingredient and dietary supplement. What is special about FermBiotics is the fact that it bases its products on lactic acid fermentation of plant and marine material such as canola and seaweed. Thus, the company aims for a sustainable production of healthy products, and it does so through a skillset achieved through microbiome studies combined with hands on knowledge of fermentation production.

Our mission is to perform research and development to provide consumers with healthy and effective natural fermented seaweed and plant products. We aim to be the ground-breaking leader in combining prebiotics, probiotics, and bioactives and affect the health and lives of consumers”, says Søren Kjærulff, CEO at FermBiotics.

Making a difference for the Silver Population
The reason for FermBiotics’ renewed focus on the Silver Population lies in the actual effects of their products. Scientifically proven, canola-based products are beneficial for the health in the way that it can contribute to a reduction of LDL cholesterol – a known problem for people in the 50+ segment. The company thus plans and expects a project outcome that will consist of a product specifically tailored for the Silver Population. This goes for the product presentation (taste, smell and type), the product packaging and the use of the product, which will all be based on the most recent technology and knowledge within the field.

We hope that our product will meet the consumer needs and thereby make a difference for the 50+ segment”, says CEO Søren Kjærulff.

Consequently, the desired result of the project is to launch a dietary supplement with LDL cholesterol reducing effects – a product ready to be market at the end of the project in the summer of 2019.

You can discover more about FermBiotics’ project here.