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Project: Real-time optical assessment of the quality of extra virgin olive oil

Liquid Vision Innovation’s project works with the real-time optical assessement of extra virgin olive oil in order to develop an optical sensor that can assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil. The sensor will be demonstrated in olive oil producing regions, with applications in improved food quality, fortified foods, and personalised nutrition for the silver population.

Liquid Vision are delighted to have been awarded a demonstration voucher from INCluSilver to develop an optical sensor for real-time assessment of extra virgin olive oil quality, in collaboration with AVLAKI, an extra virgin olive oil producer. Recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet, including daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil, can increase survival among older Europeans. The project will stimulate the food industry to sustainably produce healthier and higher quality foods, with positive impacts on personalised nutrition, particularly for the silver population.

Midway status

We are really pleased with the technical progress we have made over the last six months working on the INCluSilver project. To complete the project with a successful demonstration of our first sensor prototype with a key end-user was a real highlight for us. We are so excited to continue our work developing tools for monitoring and improving quality in the olive oil industry”, says Dr. Cathy Rushworth Curran, Commercial Director, Liquid Vision Innovation.

Halfway through the project period, Liquid Vision Innovation Ltd. has developed an optical sensor for real-time assessment of extra virgin olive oil quality in collaboration with AVLAKI – and organic extra virgin olive oil producer with olive groves in Lesvos Island in Greece. Based on laboratory results, the company has designed, built and calibrated an optical sensor to directly measure the quality of olive oil. The project has culminated in a successful demonstration of its sensor with Edible Oiled Limited – the largest producer of olive oil in the UK. This sensor is a new tool through which Liquid Vision Innovation aims to stimulate the food industry to produce healthier, high-quality foods in a safe, sustainable and affordable way by applying the concept of Industry 4.0.

  • Sectors involved: Health, ICT & Agro-Food

  • Partner country: UK

  • Voucher(s): Ideas Innovation Voucher & Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Liquid Vision Innovation Limited
LVI specialise in optical measurement, in situ real time analysis of fluids and sensor engineering and integration.


Avlaki is a high-end, UK-based olive oil company that produces organic, extra virgin olive oil from olive groves on Lesvos Island, Greece.