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Project: Real-time optical assessment of the quality of extra virgin olive oil, focusing on polyphenols

Following a successful voucher investigating direct optical analysis of olive oil polyphenols, this voucher will enable us to assess the potential for direct analysis of polyphenols in urine, supporting biomarker development to improve understanding of diet and health outcomes for the elderly, and ultimately providing a tool for personalised nutrition.

Final status

Recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet, including daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil, can increase survival among older Europeans. The research focuses on potential neuroprotective, anti-cancer and cardioprotective effects of olive oil phenolic compounds.

Liquid Vision has collaborated with partner Avlaki to analyse the absorbance and fluorescence properties of the key olive oil polyphenols tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein in deionised water. The team has also investigated the optical properties of Surine™ Negative Urine Control along with six potential urine interferents and created a synthetic urine mixture. Healthy human urine was further screened using the portable optical sensor prototype.

Based on these findings, Liquid Vision has developed a sensor design concept for analysing polyphenols in urine as a biomarker of total polyphenol intake.

The next steps are to raise funds for modifying the sensor to target olive oil polyphenols in urine more specifically. The vision is to integrate the sensor in a nutritional study where sensor results will be compared with colorimetric analysis and bench-top laboratory analysis of polyphenols. This would raise sensory technology for urine analysis from Technology Readiness Level 4 to 6.

“We are really pleased with the technical progress we have made this year supported by INCluSilver. The investigation of olive oil polyphenols in urine has greatly improved our understanding of biomarkers of food intake. The results from this project have also directly informed our ongoing work into the measurement of polyphenols in the food and drink industry,” says Dr Cathy Rushworth Curran, commercial director at Liquid Vision Innovation.

  • Sectors involved: Health, ICT & Agro-Food

  • Partner country: UK

  • Voucher(s): Ideas Innovation Voucher & Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

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LVI specialise in optical measurement, in situ real time analysis of fluids and sensor engineering and integration.


Avlaki is a high-end, UK-based olive oil company that produces organic, extra virgin olive oil from olive groves on Lesvos Island, Greece.