Lactobio ApS: A new probiotic strain that fights gut infections among elderly

Project: Probiotic strains targeting C. difficile infections of the gut

Lactobio’s project focuses on developing a more precise understanding of action for nutrients and bioactive substances and carrying out research into probiotic strains in order to prevent chronic diseases and increase quality of life.

A new probiotic strain that fights infections among elderly

The project ran into a scientific challenge which made it necessary to make significant changes to the screening assays developed for identifying a probiotic strain with antimicrobial activity against Clostridium difficile. Much more screening work than anticipated was also required.

However, by the end of the project, the team successfully identified a probiotic strain with good potential. The strain is already listed as safe by the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food and Drug Administration. This means the strain may be commercialised as a probiotic food supplement without having to undergo extended safety and toxicological studies.

Follow-on project: A new probiotic food on the market

Lactobio was awarded a second voucher in the final INCluSilver funding round.

C. difficile is an antibiotic-resistant gut infection of growing concern – older people are at particular risk. In Lactobio’s follow-on project, the aim is to make a deeper characterisation of the probiotic strain identified in the first project. The characterisation will prepare the strain for upscaling to production volumes and make it possible to obtain a strain passport for the regulatory authorities.

The expected outcome is the first prototype of a probiotic with specific activity against C. difficile. Lactobio will then continue to work with the strain. The expectation is to commercialise it within three years.

Info on the project

  • Sectors involved: Health

  • Partner country: Denmark

  • Voucher(s): Technology Transfer Voucher / Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: No

About Lactobio ApS
Lactobio ApS works with probiotic strains and currently has a collection of probiotic strains isolated from different human body parts, as well as from different types of fermented vegetables. Lactobio screens this collection for probiotic strains with targeted activity towards selected biomarkers.