Kick off – INCluSilver

Date: 5 April 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

The partners in the INCluSilver project met in Brussels, Belgium for the kick-off meeting to secure a perfect start of the next three years’ work. The agenda of the meeting was to align the partners’ work packages before the official release of the support programme.

The overall goals and objectives of the project was presented.
The INCluSilver mission is to: 
Seize opportunities linked to personalised nutrition and the ageing of the European population through reinforced product and service innovation in different industrial sectors.

The main expected results are:
• A massive pull-effect on existing or emergent markets for the Silver Population
• Affect Health Care systems
• Improve quality of life for the ageing European population

The approach is:
• Open source and open innovation Save
• Effective Innovation Guilds, Help desk & SME Innovation Support Services
• Effective Voucher scheme

It is important to achieve the right balance between the open nature of the project, its results, ideas and implementation.
This is why, it is important that we within INCluSilver share pre-competitive innovation ideas without compromising intellectual property rights.

The INCluSilver project is structured into different work packages. Some are of internal interest, where others are important for the overall success of INCluSilver. During the meeting, each of the work packages was presented and discussed. In the following sections you can read more about the main work packages.

Marked Intelligence and Strategy Setting
The purpose of this work package is to identify the stakeholders of the INCluSilver project and afterwards find a way to engage them in the project. The stakeholder analysis is supported by all partners in INCLuSilver, where each partner will be responsible to contact relevant stakeholders within their network.

Panel of Experts
To ensure the right focus for the project, a panel of experts from academia and industry will be set up. This panel will try to map the challenges and opportunities for the project. The panel of experts will meet before the project is open for applications in September 2017.

The market analysis for personalised nutrition for the silver economy will provide an overview of the available technology and will define the relevant markets, where the results of the innovation voucher scheme can be exploited.

Building a collaborative virtual environment
The concept is to make an open innovation platform, where INCluSilver will encourage interaction and collaboration between the supported projects to create collaborative relationships between the relevant stakeholders.
There will be two innovation training and network events with approximately 50 SMEs from different countries and sectors participating at each event.

The INCluSilver Voucher Scheme
INCluSilver will provide financial support to projects through vouchers, which are divided into three types:
• Idea Innovation Voucher: Support clarification of the potential of an innovative idea
• Proposal Innovation Voucher: Scalability and Internationalisation, Demonstration, Technology Transfer, and Economic Feasibility Analysis
• IPR Innovation Voucher: Securing the IPR of the idea.

Innovation Support Services
Each of the supported projects can get professional and expert support for their project during the duration of INCluSilver. As an example, the Innovation Support Services covers guidance within:
• Branding & PR: Guidelines on matters related to branding
• Business Model: Assessing in a business model
• Fundraising/Access to Finance: Knowledge to which funding opportunities there are available regional, national and at EU level
• Pitching Investors: Training to make a spot-on pitch to investors
• Internationalisation: Assessing opportunities for internationalisation
• Incubation/Co-location: Opportunities for incubation

Dissemination, Exploration and Sustainability
The project will ensure a successful communication inside and outside the partnership and the dissemination and exploitation of the results to improve the value for SMEs and other participants both during and after the project. The dissemination strategy of the INCluSilver will be based upon a cooperative communication strategy. The main communication platform will be the website (, which will contain all relevant information regarding the project, will be the entry point for the INCluSilver Ideanote (CVE) where stakeholders can interact in the open innovation and exchange of ideas for projects; and include a private work space for project partners.

Project management
A risk management plan and a monitoring and evaluation system will be designed and implemented in order to secure a successful implementation of the work plan and the overall integration activities including timely production of deliverables, financial and technical reports.
The INCluSilver Steering Committee was set up, its role being to decide on the overall project strategy and management issues.

If you are interested in the INCluSilver project, please let us know.