Jász-Tész Kft.

Project: GreenBurger

Jász-Tész Kft.’s project is titled “GreenBurger” and involves working with demonstrating industry 4.0 technology readiness for innovative vegetable products and packaging solutions for the silver population. The project’s name comes from the prototype concept: a series of portion controlled, vegetable-based patties with high nutritional value and rich flavour.

The project also aims to develop packaging solutions for people with reduced strength or other physical handicaps.

  • Sectors involved: Agro-Food & Packaging

  • Partner country: Hungary

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

About Jász-Tész Kft.
Jász-Tész Kft. work with food preparation and cold storage for locally grown fruit and vegetables. They also manufature frozen, ready-to-eat meals using their own raw materials. Their customers include retail and catering partners, as well as care institutions.


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