INCluSilver prioritises cross-border projects in final funding round

Nine international consortia win grants to support personalised nutrition innovation for the silver economy.

The EU-backed INCluSilver project has made cross-border collaboration the main theme in its final funding round. Of the 11 applicants selected to receive a grant, nine represent international consortia of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the participating countries.

The successful applicants will each receive a share of the EUR 492,500 in final round funds.

INCluSilver project coordinator Per Simonsson praises the effort made by SMEs to develop formal working relations with partners from other markets – and looks forward to the long-term benefits for Europe’s growing silver population.

All about cooperation

As an EU project, INCluSilver is all about cooperation. This is why we were looking for more cross-border applicants in the final round – while recognising how difficult it can be for young enterprises to come together in international consortia.

“Providing personal nutrition for the ageing population is a global issue. By cooperating in an INCluSilver partnership, companies gain the opportunity to test innovative ideas in other markets and get more insights about market challenges.”

Of the many projects that have received grants since INCluSilver started out in 2017, 13 are cross-border initiatives – three more than the original target.

Fruitful networking in Paris

A number of the SMEs involved made their initial contact at the INCluSilver innovation training and networking event (ITNE) in Paris in October last year.

The ITNE provided a good opportunity for people to get in touch and was of particular interest because the INCluSilver market analysiswas presented. This gave a good overview of gaps in the European market for personalised nutrition and where SMEs can make a difference,” Simonsson says.

Funded final round projects

The following SMEs have been selected for funding the final round. In the case of consortia, the lead partner is named:

  • Cuviva
  • Digital Farming Ltd
  • Ailint
  • Caliente Beverages International AB
  • LactoBio ApS
  • My DNA Health Ltd
  • Mills of Crete
  • Meraki People
  • Proviasud
  • Health at Work Ltd
  • Precision for Health

Aarhus University and the university park where the final event will take place. Photo credit: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

Save the date for the final event

INCluSilver will draw to a close with a final event in Aarhus, Denmark on 22 to 23 January 2019. During the two days, owners of funded projects will showcase what they have achieved.

Simonsson expects the long-term impact of INCluSilver to live way beyond the final event.

What INCluSilver is doing is look at demand-driven innovation for personalised nutrition in the silver economy. The biggest impact, I believe, is the cross-sectorial impact across INCluSilver’s four value chains – agro-food, health, ICT and the creative industries. That’s quite different from a typical innovation cycle in the food industry.

INCluSilver partners:

Covering the agro-food, health, ICT and creative industries sectors (part of five emerging industries (Food, Personalised Medicine, Mobile Services, Mobility and Creative).

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