INCluSilver Innovation Guilds

What are the Innovation Guilds?

Innovations that solve important problems are often born at interfaces; between different departments, different sectors or different industries.

Innovation Guilds – a method for facilitating innovation
In INCluSilver it has been decided to use a methodology known as Innovation Guilds. This innovation strategy is represented by several “Systemic meetings”.
A systemic meeting can be arranged when an area with strong innovation potential that requires collaboration between different actors has been identified.
The meeting should include people from different levels and backgrounds.

Based on an initial concrete story describing a specific problem, a dialogue including exchanging experience, is conducted. It contributes to an increased integration between the system levels (eg. different parts of the food chain, research and public sector). The meeting is also a way to create a trust-creating dialogue. Systemic meeting is not an idea workshop, it has both action and performance requirements.

Systemic Meeting aims to create images of both, innovation potentials (WHAT can be achieved) and innovation processes (HOW it can be obtained). In addition, it aims to build bridges between actors, to create an innovation community.

Amanda Allvin, Head of Communication & Consultant at Healthy Marketing Team gave feedback on the first meeting at the Innovation Guild.


First Innovation Guild – 12.04.2018

Topic: “Why don’t I feel like eating anymore”?

“With whom and how can I share my concerns about loss of appetite and other needs? I feel so disconnected from the outer world.”

The topic of the first meeting focused on some of the biggest issues of the elderly – loss of appetite, a feeling of isolation and poor accessibility to information.

Top sum up the discussion:
First of all, there is a need of better understanding of the complex problem of the elderly individual by health professionals, e.g. developing better diagnosis tools. Furthermore, the availability of socialising and physical activity opportunity needs to be increased. Lastly, there is an urgent need to educate young seniors about health in connection with physical activity and nutrition so they can prevent as many health complications as possible when the get older.

Systemic approach to solutions:
1. Better understanding of the problem by health professionals
2. Socialising is important
3. Considering physical activity
4. Capacity building (what are the risks I can face and what can I do about it?)

Read more about the first Systemic Meeting here


Are you having a venture in some of these areas or are you considering starting one?

Why don’t you move over to INCluSilver Ideanote where you can read a detailed info on each of the possible solutions and even jump into discussions.

Second Innovation Guild – 13.09.2018

Topic: “E-health & Policy and Health Care System”
– how to implement e-health solutions into the health-care system?

The topic of the second meeting focused on some of the biggest issues of monitoring the elderly:
• Monitoring – Monitoring of food intake and feeding habits should be interoperable with different platforms (regulatory frameworks, available functional foods, etc.)
• Abilities – Abilities of the elderly (e.g. skills, socio-economic position)
• Devices – Devices/ instruments that can quantify life style parameters

Policy and Health Care System
• Legal Framework – A legal, ethical, and societal framework to ensure genetic information about food and disease
• Incentives – Incentives and funding support for Health and Nutrition Research need to be developed and implemented

Top sum up the discussion:
Screening for the elderly in the primary care should be mandatory and new efficient tools must be developed. Marketing campaigns which raise the awareness about the nutritional area od the elderly should be implemented. A tool for flow of nutritional data shared among sectors needs to be developed.

Systemic approach to solutions:
1. The screening for the elderly in the primary care should be mandatory
2. Make the nutritional area more prestigious
3. Problem of different regulation in different areas – it’s happening on the political level
4. Sharing data among different sectors – how to share the nutritional data?

Third Innovation Guild – 17.01.2019

Topic: “How food industry could take the silver food train?”
INCluSilver challenges addressed in the meeting: “Diet and Food Production; Logistics, Design and Packaging.”

The topic of the third meeting tackled the question of the lack of knowledge and focus in the food industry on the needs connected to the elderly nutrition. The focal point will be food producers, food R&D companies, food delivery services and other actors.

We know that food industry has been reshaping drastically in the past decade and we can see innovative solutions brought to the market every single day. However, when it comes to the elderly as a target group, there is still a big improvement window. Many innovations reflect what the companies think is best for the elderly, but do not take into account what the elderly really want and need. The question discussed will be – how to improve the convenience and efficiency of the products and service for the elderly when it comes to food production, logistics and convenient packaging.

Systemic approach to solutions: 
1. Make the elderly feel empowered – change the perspective in food production of what elderly need to what they want in R&D, but most importantly, in marketing.
2. Reaching-out to the elderly group using innovative ways.
3. Involve the distributors and government more so we can have all the stakeholders engaged

INCluSilver Ideanote
– an open innovation platform

In order to initiate an execution of innovative solutions, we have created post-discussions on INCluSilver Ideanote, our online collaborative platform.

It enables everyone to invite more people who could contribute in a positive way and shift the whole project to an executive phase. Ideally, in that way a new business opportunity within the elderly nutrition segment will be created which covers the exact needs of that group at the same time. So after you are finished with the reading here, hurry up to Ideanote to help us develop innovative projects!


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