Project: Creating and personalising care plans through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

Incareview is developing the next generation of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence based applications that allows caregivers to create and personalise care plans for patients on discharge from hospital.This project will enable the Renal Dietetics Team, Beaumont Hospital to prescribe personalised dietary care plan for their patients dsicharged from hospital. These care plan can be accessed by patients and their families using their smart phones. Machine learning algorithms will be used to automate the process of care plan creation. Incareview’s solutions envisages to readuce avoidable readmissions and promote patient engagement.

  • Sectors involved: Renal medicine, data science, machine learning, artitificial intelligence and software development

  • Partner country: Germany

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Incareview

Incareview is a healthcare technology company based in Cork, Ireland. Incareview focuses on the delivery of quality Health Engagement Applications and Content to innovate processes within healthcare organisations. We have created a unique application to make the patient discharge process in hospitals more efficient and relevant for staff and patients. The application is personalised to focus on the patient and ensure that they adhere to their care plan having been discharged. This will significantly reduce readmissions and in particular avoidable readmissions.

  • Country: Ireland

  • Sector: Renal medicine, data science, machine learning, artitificial intelligence and software development



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