Ideanote’s brand new design is here!

Date: August 17, 2018

As some of you may have noticed, there is an online platform within INCluSilver where you can join interesting discussions or find the right business partner for you.

We have paired up with a Danish start-up Ideanote to create the perfect space for all the people from the industry who are interested in finding the best innovative solutions for the elderly nutrition. The Ideanote team got so excited about INCluSilver that they agreed to develop an updated version of the platform which would be tailored to our needs. We have been working hard on it for the past six months so you can understand how excited we are to finally share the look and feel of it with you now.

You can apply here and right after you enter the space, don’t hesitate to join interesting discussions:

or create your own mission:

It is a great opportunity to get help with anything from the industry whether it is your Business Model, Branding and PR or Pitching to investors and many others. For those topics, you can get help and inspiration from INCluSilver Innovation Support Services (ISS).

Another interesting Missions you can join are the one discussing the Innovation Guilds. You should definitely not miss that, we will be happy to see you contributing to the new solutions for the elderly!

“Your friends are our friends.” You are of course more than welcome to invite anyone who you think would benefit from the platform and would be interested in it.

And because we always want to be better and better, we will continue releasing new features on the platform every month or two. The next goal is to have a highly detailed profiles of the Ideanote members so you can look for a specific people from the industry. Isn’t that great?

Let’s chat on Ideanote, shall we?