How to apply for the INCluSilver Vouchers

The last deadline was 15/02/2019 and no further calls will open.

The last voucher call 

For the final call of INCluSilver vouchers we are specifically looking for applications that focus on cross sector and on cross border in particular. Moreover, we are looking for projects that focus on the following challenges:

Topic 1
Functional Food and Nutrigenomics

A more precise understanding of the mechanisms of action for nutrients and bioactive substances.

Biomarkers need to be further developed in order to better identify the relationship between dietary components and health.

Food vehicles for bioactive ingredients that have great potential for research and product development.

The intersection of genomics and molecular nutrition that presents opportunities to understand nutrient effects and individual variability in response to diet.

Topic 2

Monitoring of food intake and feeding habits should be interoperable with different platforms (regulatory frameworks, available functional foods, etc.)

Abilities of the elderly (e.g. skills, socio-economic position).

Devices/instruments that can quantify life style parameters.

Topic 6
Logistic, Design, and Packaging Solutions 

Food packaging taking into account the difficulties faced by elderly people.

Smaller packages with a longer shelf-life.

Innovative ways for food shipping (Meals on wheels).

3D printed food and packaging solutions.

Topic 7
Policy and Health Care Systems

A legal, ethical, and societal framework to ensure genetic information about food and disease.

Incentives and funding support for Health and Nutrition Research need to be developed and implemented.

Please note that the applications have to target some of the findings from the INCluSilver Innovation Guilds:

Topic: “Why don’t I feel like eating anymore”?
Systemic approach to solutions:
1. Better understanding of the problem by health professionals
2. Socialising is important
3. Considering physical activity
4. Capacity building (what are the risks I can face and what can I do about it?)

Topic: “E-health & Policy and Health Care System”
Systemic approach to solutions:
1. The screening for the elderly in the primary care should be mandatory
2. Make the nutritional area more prestigious
3. Problem of different regulation in different areas – it’s happening on the political level
4. Sharing data among different sectors – how to share the nutritional data?

The Proposal Innovation Vouchers and International Property Rights Innovation Voucher

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Read more about INCluSilver and our distinguished panel of experts. Find more information on the PIV and IPR here and the application process here. See all relevant deadlines in our calendar. NB! The deadline for the 4th application round is 15 February 2019.

PLEASE NOTICE that SMEs from Italy are not able to apply for this last application round

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