The main goal of Project ASA is to develop an easy-to-use augmented reality mobile app. The app will be able to provide users with specific and complete information about the products that they are willing to buy, as well as the product’s contents. The new tool will help the end-user in identifying and understanding product content.

  • Sectors involved: Agro-Food, Creative Industries, Packaging & ICT

  • Partner country: Italy

  • Voucher(s): Technology Transfer Voucher

About GEZAPP Srl

Gezapp develops their projects using Augmented Reality as well, a technology capable of adding various types of contents (video, audio, 2D, 3D) to the surrounding environment. All this happens in real time and from any device equipped with a camera. This innovation actually makes it possible to “track” the elements present in the real scene and add others, virtually. The spectacular combination of real and digital generates a unique experience.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer a wide range of creative solutions that guarantee intense emotional, motivational, perceptive, and cognitive impact. The end-user has the opportunity to interact directly with the brand, to familiarise himself with it, and participate in exciting experiences such as interactive brochures and previews of furnishings. Indeed, these are extremely versatile technologies, not only for the flexibility of the contents, but also in terms of the fields of application, which can vary tremendously: from marketing to architecture, from fashion to food & beverage, from B2C to B2B.


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