Freia: Innovative food for Sarcopenia


Project: Sarcopenia nutritional food

Sarcopenia Nutritional Food project aims to create an innovative nutritional product line dedicated to patients suffering from sarcopenia. The aim is to develop a medical food with strong clinical validation and which is good to eat, avoiding a perception of medicalisation.

Medical or nutritional food for elderly consumers typically takes the form of a powder for mixing with liquid and serving as a drink. The focus is on the medical aspect of supplementation and comes with a high risk of non-compliance among users. Our products will be good to eat, following Italian food culture as a natural part of normal life.

Furthermore, as we age, protein absorption becomes less efficient. An innovative pathway is required to reinforce protein metabolism while avoiding intake of a larger dose. Last but not least, the proteins in our solution are from a vegetable source, non-GMO and totally sustainable.

  • Sectors involved: Healthcare

  • Partner country: Italy

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Freia

Freia is an independent Italian pharmaceutical company established in 2009, committed to the development, manufacture and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products and active ingredients sourced from plants. Freia is a research-focused company committed to developing innovative and sustainable pharmaceutical solutions that improve the quality of human life.


Collectibus Srl

A working team that designs and implements innovative business experiences and a long-term strategy that traces the path to a sustainable future. We take part, at brand strategy level, in the definition of a value proposition, the planning and implementation of sustainable industrial and strategic plans, communication activities, impact evaluation and reporting.

Farcoderma Srl

Farcoderma was founded in 2006 and started out producing toothpastes and powders for a leading company in the sector. Today, dedicated employees and a highly competent R&D department have made Farcoderma a strong player in the design and manufacture of medical devices, food supplements and cosmetic products