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Project: MGIHealth

The project MGIHealth stands for “Mobile Games to Incentivize Healthy Habits” and aims to bring uniquely engaging game experiences to the silver generation as a means of incentivising better nutrition and increased physical activity. The project lays the foundations for connecting existing game technology with e-health platforms, allowing for health-related meta-game mechanisms. This includes rewarding players for completing game-related, activity & nutrition-related challenges with awards, extended playtime or in-game currency.

Midway Status

Halfway through the project period, the team has focused on implementing core technology integrations and research on user data handling policies. After researching mobile e-health platforms, the pre-existing game engine was integrated with Apple HealthKit and a demonstrator application that can read real-time health measurements, sensor data and statistics from the popular health platform. The interface also allows writing health information to the platform, which allows gathering data that is not easily gathered through sensors, including nutritional information. This technology was test-integrated to an existing game to not only demonstrate feasibility but also showcase how meta-gaming on health goals can become a small but important nudge towards enforcing healthy habits.

In the meantime, research on the latest data privacy legal framework is taking place, in an effort to understand how to best deal with health-related user data and optimize the User Experience accordingly. Early findings suggest that to maintain cost effectiveness and ensure privacy protection, any similar data should remain on the device and be managed by the health platform. Storing health data on the datacenter requires anonymization, operations and data management procedures that can significantly increase the game’s costs of operation.

Working with INCluSilver, not only did we incorporate new technologies in our existing game portfolio, but also we are discovering an emerging market where gaming and gamification can truly make a difference. Through the INCluSilver ecosystem, we’ve been learning about the challenges and opportunities of the modern-day silver generation and are working together with nutrition and data-protection experts, to address those challenges with gamification-based solutions”, says the team behind MGIHealth.

  • Sectors involved: Health & ICT

  • Partner country: Greece

  • Voucher(s): Scalability and Internationalisation Voucher

  • Part of consortium: No

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