European partners showcase mass innovation for healthy ageing

Date: December 9, 2020 

INCluSilver cross-border collaboration to culminate with final Innovation Conference in Denmark

Europe’s biggest and broadest opportunities to grow the silver economy will come together at the INCluSilver Innovation Conference on 22-23 January 2020. Ranging from digital platforms through nutritionally enhanced foods to the latest nutrigenomic breakthroughs, more than 100 European enterprises are behind the new innovative products and concepts – all aimed at healthy ageing.

INCluSilver was launched in 2017 under the EU Horizon 2020 INNOSUP programme to facilitate the development of personalised nutrition solutions for the growing number of Europeans aged 50+.

Business potential in the trillions
In addition to improving health and wellbeing and reducing healthcare costs, personalised nutrition for the older generations represents significant business potential. The EU silver economy is expected to be worth a massive €5.7 trillion by 2025 – up from €3.7 trillion in 2015.

Driven by eight partner organisations from across the EU, INCluSilver can now present the outcome of cross-border collaborations between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups from the agro-food, health, information & communications technology (ICT), packaging and creative industries.

Innovation across multiple sectors
INCluSilver project coordinator Per Simonsen calls the innovative achievements of funded projects “close to overwhelming”.

“The specific nutrition and healthcare needs of the older generations are drawing the attention of multiple sectors. We can see this in the projects that have received INCluSilver funding. Together, they tackle many aspects of senior needs for targeted nutrition, exercise and, in the later years, better coordination of public healthcare.

“From a social, economic and business point of view, they all have potential to make a big difference with the right ongoing investment.”

From digital technology to targeted nutrition
E-health and nutrigenomic platforms, apps for nutrition and activity tracking, nutritionally enhanced foods and raw materials, probiotic supplements, digital food processing technology and new clinical devices – the list of INCluSilver-funded projects is long. Social business concepts that focus on elderly involvement are also among them.

The INCluSilver Innovation Conference in Aarhus, Denmark on 22-23 January 2020 is the culmination of all this work.

Pitches, insights and networking
On day one, a selection of the SMEs and startups will pitch their projects to an industry panel. Speakers from leading universities and EU representative bodies will share insights into emerging opportunities within senior nutrition and for future EU funding of SME projects.

Day two offers an intensive tour of the Danish food eco-system – among the most innovative in Europe – and the Silver Economy Innovation Fair, where participants can take a closer look at the latest products and platforms to support healthy ageing.

The Innovation Conference targets investors, businesses, research institutes and health authorities and is free to attend. For more information and registration, follow this link.

INCluSilver partners:

Covering the agro-food, health, ICT and creative industries sectors (part of five emerging industries (Food, Personalised Medicine, Mobile Services, Mobility and Creative).

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