En God Granne – Adjusted Hospital Food

Project: Good and nutritious snacks for the elderly through the project Adapted Hospital food

Many elderly patients have poor appetite and therefore do not get enough nutrition at the regular meals of the hospitals. Therefore, they need more nutritious snacks. The project will in a process make new innovative products together with selected small and medium-sized food companies. Additionally, the project will with the support of dieticians and healthcare departments develop new innovative snack products with traditional regional taste profile, appreciated by the elderly patients.

There is a great interest in the project from several hospital regions in Sweden and the project will involve a selected hospital and specific healthcare departments. There are plenty of innovative small and medium-sized food companies that manufacture good, nutritious and energy-rich snacks.  A number of these companies have shown interest in contributing and making their new product formulations in the project.

“During the project, contacts will also be taken with the procurement unit, so that the new products will be able to enter the hospital procurement process,” says Anders Lareke at En God Granne, who is one of the partners in the project.

  • Sectors involved: Nutrition, biotech and consultancy

  • Partner country: Sweden

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About En God Granne

En God Granne has taken the best of their knowledge and experiences regarding food and raw materials and redefined it into the concept A Good Neighbour. Together with the stores, they invite their best neighbours, who now contribute to making it easier to find a locally produced range of wiser, fresher, milder and more flavourful foods.


CFB Creative Future Business

Creative Future Business is a consultancy company who offers a unique business development process where participants from 6-10 different companies (two representatives from the same company) together develop new business ideas.


Aventure’s mission is to develop unique, scientifically validated food/nutrition and biotech concepts (incl. products and patents) with large national and international market potential and to generate stand alone companies with high rated IP.