EatHealthy: The only non-invasive and patient-captivating solution to sarcopenia

Eathealthy for elderly

Project: HealthyClub

HealthyClub is an innovative, high-potential healthcare solution that analyses food intake data and bodily fluids, as well as the emotional, social, and physical aspects of the user’s life. Based on the lifestyle choices the user is making, it identifies how his/her well-being may be affected over time by sarcopenia and physical frailty. After the health appraisal process, behavioral and nutritional guidelines are provided to the user and following these recommendations can help the user improve their bone density and muscle mass, preventing the manifestation of sarcopenia & physical fraility.

The only totally non-invasive and patient-captivating solution to sarcopenia

The design of the prototype for the HealthyClub consumer data portal is complete, including nutritional, behavioural and psychological markers. Consumer lifestyle data collected from a non-invasive skin patch is sent to the portal for analysis. Each user can then receive nutritional and activity recommendations for delaying or counteracting sarcopenia.

The project has also included a market analysis of countries with a high prevalence of sarcopenia.

Once launched, EatHealthy expects HealthyClub to be ‘the only totally non-invasive, effective and patient-captivating solution’ to sarcopenia on the market.

  • Sectors involved: Health & ICT

  • Partner country: Greece

  • Voucher(s): Scalability and Internationalisation Voucher & International Property Rights Innovation Voucher

  • Part of consortium: No

About EatHealthy KOIN.S.EP.
EatHealthy works with preventing diet-related, chronic diseases and increasing quality of life. They are fully committed to accelerating the process and covering the gap between the technology and the final product. EatHealthy already have several thousand users using their HealthyClub platform which is available for a pre-sale.