Digital Farming: Nutritional matrix for microgreens

Project: Living supplements – microgreens nutritional matrix development

The project is to develop and demonstrate a nutritional matrix for microgreens, grown in an indoor vertical farming production system. The aim is to produce ‘tasty living supplements’ for incorporation in personalised food recipes to meet identified health and nutritional needs. This will be achieved by enhancing the nutritional content of microgreens grown for tailored nutrition.

During the project, the consortium will demonstrate a replicable growth protocol and validate product taste and nutrition uptake.

  • Sectors involved: Agro-food, health & ICT

  • Partner country: UK and France

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Digital Farming Limited

Digital Farming is an agri-tech food business formed in April 2018. The company is a digitally connected, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business focused on growing nutritious foods and producing advanced medicines.


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