Dietician Online

Project: Reducing malnutrition among elderly people through personalised quality assured digitalised nutrition care service

The Dietician Online project aims to reduce malnutrition among elderly people by means of a personalised quality assured digitalised nutrition care service comprising screening, investigation, treatment, and follow-up.

Malnutrition in the elderly is a major problem that causes great individual suffering and substantial additional costs to society. Two contributing challenges in the health care of elderly are the lack of nutrition competence of caregivers and difficulties in maintaining an effective nutrition chain. Dietician Online will address these challenges by integrating online dietician expertise with a digitalised nutrition system. This combination will facilitate a personalized nutrition care from screening and investigation of malnutrition, to the treatment and follow-up of interventions efforts. Through a digital platform (such as a tablet computer), users will be able to remotely communicate and interact with dieticians and receive support and counselling through all stages of the nutrition chain.

  • Sectors involved: E-health and healthcare

  • Partner country: Sweden

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Dietistkompetens/Dietician Online

Dietistkompetens is a service company offering dietician and healthcare expertise with experience in both clinical work and quality assurance work in elderly care



Cuviva is a developer and provider of personalised digital services in healthcare.