Application Deadline Extended

Date: 8 December 2017

The application deadline for the first round of our Proposal Innovation Vouchers and International Property Rights Innovation Voucher has officially been extended to Sunday, December 31, 2017.

The primary reason for the extension is to allow as many SMEs as possible the chance to apply before the new year. The INCluSilver team also wants to encourage anyone with a viable idea within the field of personalised nutrition for the silver economy to apply for funding to ensure we achieve the best results with this project.

The Proposal Innovation Vouchers (PIV) cover 4 different parts of innovative process:

  • Scalability and Internationalisation Voucher – With a value of €20.000, the voucher covers the transfer of an innovation to market both within and outside the EU (design, market analysis, international consultancy).
  • Demonstration Voucher – Worth €60.000, the voucher covers the demonstration of technology readiness in an operational environment in collaboration with living labs and large scale demonstrators.
  • Technology Transfer Voucher – With a value of €20.000, this voucher covers the assessment of the transferability potential of some technology or knowhow to another sector, or helps solve a technical problem to enable the transfer.
  • Economic Feasibility Analysis Voucher – Worth €10.000, the voucher covers assistance in strategic decisions, complete with a comprehensive analysis of the competition (such as competitive firms, products, etc.) and analysis of environmental and of regulatory considerations.

Further support is available for SMEs who are approved for funding through the Innovation Support Services. More information is available in the Innovation Support Services Handbook.

The International Property Rights Innovation Voucher (IPR IV) protects foreground and results in collaborative projects with the appropriate tools (consortium agreement, patent, etc.). It can be applied for after completion of the Proposal Innovation Vouchers.

Read more about the Proposal Innovation Vouchers and the International Property Rights Innovation Voucher and apply here.