Cuviva: Fighting Malnutrition – through a patient interface

Project: Fighting Malnutrition – through the use of a patient interface, sensor, electronic medical journal and nutritional software to connect healthcare and care stakeholders and personnel.

Cuviva aims to develop an e-health solution with Italian e-health company Meteda to improve coordination between local healthcare providers and private caregivers and ensure patient involvement in the care and healthcare processes. The ultimate objective is improved outcomes for fragile elderly and reduced care costs.

An easy-to-use tablet and measuring instruments enable patients to record their weight, blood sugar levels and other health data on a daily basis while living a normal life at home. By making health data, nutritional intake and nutrition plans digitally available to health care providers and home carers, it is possible to follow patient health closely, enabling better coordination of healthcare efforts. Healthcare providers can also conduct regular video meetings with the patient to monitor nutrition plans and care efforts.

Fighting Malnutrition aims to:

  • Empower individual patients and their relatives to manage their nutritional status
  • Connect uncoordinated healthcare and care stakeholders for improved patient monitoring and care
  • Provide a solution for screening, target setting, planning and following up nutritional status
  • Sectors involved: ehealth & healthcare

  • Partner country: Sweden and Italy

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Cuviva
Cuviva develops e-health solutions for care and healthcare, with a particular focus on the patient group that accounts for half of the community’s healthcare costs: fragile elderly with chronic diseases. Cuviva has previously carried out the digitalisation of the acclaimed Swedish home hospital in Borgholm and is ranked by Norrsken foundation as one of the Nordic region’s 100 most important impact companies for their contribution to a better world.


About Meteda
Meteda is a market leader in Italy for electronic medical record solutions that target diabetes centres. Today, Meteda’s MètaClinic system enables the management and review of more than 3.5 million diabetes patients.