INCluSilver Ideanote (CVE)

The purpose of the INCluSilver Ideanote (also known as the CVE or Collaborative Virtual Environment) is to provide a free collaborative virtual environment dedicated to personalised nutrition. The INCluSilver Ideanote provides a place where ideas can be exchanged and discussed, and it is also a tool to help search for partners with whom to collaborate. The INCluSilver Ideanote is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the field of personalised nutrition for the silver economy.

Download the INCluSilver Ideanote User Guidelines here.

Visit the INCluSilver Ideanote (CVE)


This platform will:

  • allow the creation of a common platform for experts. In order to identify training and networking needs and other critical components early in the project an Innovation Guild (a form of systemic meeting) for each topic can be set up with a selected number of actors.
  • allow the set-up of a tool for technology compilation and screening. This will consist of a user-friendly tool (matrix) for screening potentially applicable technologies to PN ideas. The matrix will allow the screening of technologies that have potential in developing personalised nutrition products and services.
  • allow the set-up of a Partner Search Tool. The INCluSilver Ideanote will represent a partner-search tool for the calls for proposals launched for the Proposal Innovation Voucher – PIV.
  • encourage interaction and collaboration opportunities. Two innovation training and networking events (ITNE) will take place in order to foster SMEs interaction and collaboration and help new ideas to flourish. The Ideas Innovation Voucher can fund participation to these events, and the dates are available in our calendar.

In order to access the INCluSilver Ideanote, you must fill out and send this form to INCluSilver’s partners.


INCluSilver includes partners from:

Covering the agro-food, health, ICT, packaging, and creative industries sectors (part of five emerging industries comprised of Food, Personalised Medicine, Mobile Services, Mobility, and Creative)