Project: A solution against malnutrition

CDIET aims at providing a global and efficient answer to the older adults malnutrition issues through personalized nutrition.Tthe service addresses both the gathering of relevant data at the individual level to assess the risk level, its root cause, its evolution, its optimal mitigation strategy and the delivery of professional guidance on food selection to the older adult or its caregivers. CDIET is a strong vector of knowledge dissemination: it ensures the delivery of optimized and personalized nutrition strategies to guide health and care professionals with highly personalized prescriptions and advises from a dietician to address their patients’ specific issues.

CDIET is the only integrated and operational solution to provide a fully usable and scalable malnutrition management service centered on the patient and the relationship with his dietician.

In an era where digital technologies providers disrupt social relations with several flavours of AI tools, CDIET focuses on developing and enhancing human-to-human relations between the patients or their caregivers and their nutrition specialist.

CDIET technology offers a very cost-effective mean to access a remote professional for every person at risk of malnutrition. The ICT platform, designed for a maximum acceptability and flexibility to be tailored for any organisation’s specificities, provides a scientifically validated framework for the data collection process. The access to all of the relevant/needed patient data ensures a maximum efficiency for the dietician, making the system scalable cost-effectively.

  • Sectors involved: E-health

  • Partner country: France

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

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