CDIET Project: A solution against malnutrition CDIET aims at providing a global and efficient answer to the older adults malnutrition issues through personalized nutrition.Tthe service addresses both the gathering of relevant data at the individual level to assess the [...]




Sacoma Project: Sweet potato food products for the ageing population With Spanish company, Blendhub, SACOMA will use the world’s first decentralized food manufacturing network (FoodIndustry4.0) to bring new sweet potato-powders and meals that are nutrient dense, Gluten Free, Tasty and [...]


En God Granne – Adjusted Hospital Food


En God Granne – Adjusted Hospital Food Project: Good and nutritious snacks for the elderly through the project Adapted Hospital food Many elderly patients have poor appetite and therefore do not get enough nutrition at the regular meals of the [...]

En God Granne – Adjusted Hospital Food2019-01-16T11:32:35+00:00



Incareview Project: Creating and personalising care plans through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Incareview is developing the next generation of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence based applications that allows caregivers to create and personalise care plans for patients on discharge from [...]


Rockfield Medical Devices


Rockfield Medical Devices Project: Validating an innovative self-fill enteral feed package This project seeks to validate an innovative self-fill enteral feed package (wearable & incorporating a noise-less pumping system), by demonstrating usability & improved mobility in users’ everyday activities, [...]

Rockfield Medical Devices2018-12-21T08:24:54+00:00



Avocadoo Project: An app for "the healthy choice" Avocadoo develops digital, user centric solutions to help people make healthier choices when it comes to their food, with an overarching goal of tapping into the potential of a balanced diet [...]


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