Atelier du Fruit

Project: Increase meat tenderness

Atelier du Fruit uses it knowledge on fruits, enzymes and processes to develop a natural ingredient that have the property to increase the tenderness of the meat, without impacting the taste and the visual aspect of the meat.

The aim is helping to ensure the protein intake for elderly people, which have some difficulties chewing and swallowing, and want to eat a meal that looks the same as the meals they were used to eat.

  • Sectors involved: Biotechnology and Agrofood

  • Partner country: France

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher (PIV)

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About Atelier du Fruit

Atelier du Fruit supports food industries in Research & Development, providing natural solutions based on natural processes to enhance taste and to biopreserve as well as reducing sugar content in foodstuff and beverages.

Atelier du Fruit propose specific R&D service to create solutions thanks to enzymes and strains. Atelier du Fruit also offers to sell the optimized enzymes and strains.



ActiMeat is an industry whose job is to transform animal raw materials to produce meat ingredients. ActiMeat tailors for food-processing industries. According to requirements or specific, explicit or implicit needs, by a collaborative work with the R&D departments, ActiMeat develops the meat product adapted to its customers’specific needs. ActiMeat selects, makes and transforms, with industrial and innovating processes, some minced and uncooked meats or cooked and frozen meats. The ActiMeat great strength is to know how to associate qualitative, gustatory, nutritional and texture criterions, thanks to a process control and a technical know-how.