AI Nutrition

Project: Using advanced artificial intelligence to fight chronic disease and food waste

AI Nutrition develops an advanced AI, that provides dynamically personalised healthy diet plans with recipes for every meal and grocery delivery from partnered online grocery stores. Their free service focuses on preventing and treating chronic disease as well as driving food waste to zero.

  • Sectors involved: Medical Science, IT, Artificial Intelligence technology and business

  • Partner country: Czech Republic

  • Voucher(s): Demonstration Voucher

  • Part of consortium: Yes

About AI Nutrition

AI Nutrition is the company behind YoPlate, and it was developed by Doctors, nutritional experts and artificial intelligence developers, out of a need for sustainable way to keep our friends and family healthy, prevent common chronic diseases as well as help to optimally treat the sick. They’re able to offer the service for free, because they’re able to save costs for both retailers and consumers by streamlining sales and ordering process. They only reserve a portion of the value that they create for others to sustain the business.



Mindflow is a healthy nootropic supplement brand, developed by Brainio. They specialise in healthy food and supplement marketing and play an important role in the joined project with Ai Nutrition