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INCluSilver – innovation of personalised nutrition

INCluSilver aims to support collaboration between actors belonging to different sectors in order to create the optimal conditions for generating and validating innovative ideas in the field of personalised nutrition for the Silver Economy that have great potential to reach the market. The “Silver Economy” is defined as the economic activity and consumer expenditure related to the specific population group of citizens over 50 years of age.

Cooperation among different actors along an integrated value chain with strong links to food health will be promoted through project activities. In addition, the INCluSilver project will attempt to respond to the needs of the targeted population.

The main theory is that innovation rises on the borders, and thus, the objective is to make this innovation flourish. In accordance with this concept, the INCluSilver project involves clusters belonging to agro-food, health, ICT, and creative industries sectors. Instead of starting with technology, the project will start with consumers in order to respond to the series of major challenges that affect the silver population. Then, the Consortium will identify the challenges to be tackled and proceed to support SMEs in grasping the assessed opportunities accordingly.

Innovation Vouchers

The INCluSilver project aims to support collaboration between actors in different sectors to bring innovative ideas in the field of personalised nutrition for the silver population.
An Innovation Voucher Scheme is being prepared with a total budget of 2.800.000 €. These vouchers will be allocated to SMEs through INCluSilver to benefit a range of 50-170 SMEs.

The Innovation Vouchers will be divided into three groups to help companies at different stages in their innovative activities. The Innovation Vouchers will support activities within the following categories: Maturation of ideas and projects, Scalability and internationalisation, Demonstration, Transfer of technology, Feasibility analysis, and International property rights.
As a company you can get between 3.000 € up to a maximum of 60.000 € in financial support. Read more about the Innovation Vouchers and the Application Process.

The Innovation Vouchers are now open for application. Read more here.

INCluSilver includes partners from:

Covering the agro-food, health, ICT, packaging, and creative industries sectors (part of five emerging industries comprised of Food, Personalised Medicine, Mobile Services, Mobility, and Creative)

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