€425,000 worth of solutions for the elderly backed again by INCluSilver project

Date: 24 April 2018 

Funding continues in 2nd round of vouchers for new solutions within nutritional innovation for the growing number of elderly citizens in Europe

The 2nd round of application by the EU-backed INCluSilver project has resulted in €425,000 in funding for 11 small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The companies will receive 75 % of their grants upfront within the next month to develop solutions within the field of personalised nutrition for the elderly. Chosen from among 37 applicants from all over Europe, the final 11 SMEs will get up to €60,000 each with plenty of money left for the next round’s applicants.

With the number of elderly citizens in Europe on the rise, it is important to create new nutritional solutions to ensure healthy ageing. That’s why we want to fund as many innovations as possible that improve quality of life for the elderly,” says Per Simonsson, Project Coordinator on the INCluSilver project.

With projects ranging from a lactic acid fermented dietary supplement that can help older people with high cholesterol problems to a mobile application in augmented reality that can provide information about food products, the chosen companies all have their own unique approaches to improving personalised nutrition for the elderly. This round’s companies are:

  • EatHealthy KOIN.S.EP.
  • FermBiotics ApS
  • GEZAPP Srl
  • Innerstrength Ltd.
  • Jász-Tész Ltd.
  • Lactobio ApS
  • Medifood Hungary Innovation Kft.
  • Perfect Vision Kft.
  • Veg of Lund AB

The projects represent INCluSilver’s five collaborative sectors: agro-food, health, packaging, ICT, and creative industries. All of the selected companies and their respective projects will be featured on the INCluSilver website.

Another chance to apply
SMEs are already free to apply for funding in INCluSilver’s 3rd round of application which is open until 15 September 2018. With a 33 % rate of approval in both rounds of application, there are solid chances of getting funding and nearly €1,180,000 worth of reasons to apply.

INCluSilver offers funding through its innovation vouchers which are split into 3 different categories that range in value from €3,000 to €60,000. SMEs from the following INCluSilver member countries are welcome to apply: Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The INCluSilver project consists of two aspects: improving the lives of the elderly and providing support to small companies that develop innovations that contribute to this. Both of these things help the economy in Europe flourish as a whole,” says Per Simonsson.

Other than offering funding, the INCluSilver project also hosts entrepreneurial events and workshops where SMEs from all over Europe can meet, providing the perfect network to gain access to both European and international markets.