Game developer finds a market gap

Date: April 2, 2019 

Eyelead Software is preparing for the next step after reaching its INCluSilver goals.

Is it possible to create a fun mobile game that encourages adults over 50 to eat healthier food and take more exercise? Eyelead Software received an INCluSilver grant to go looking for an answer and found a major gap in the market. Now the Greek company is working on a plan to fill it – in collaboration with another INCluSilver partner.

Eyelead Software is the company behind Hive3D – a state-of-the-art 3D game development platform. During their 10-month INCluSilver project, one of the goals was to explore opportunities to integrate their technology and games with an existing mobile e-health platform that already tracks user behaviour. The other was to investigate how to use the e-health data to provide game-like experiences for the silver generation.

A gap in nutrition tracking
“We achieved those goals,” says Joseph Psistakis, chief technology officer at Eyelead. “But while we found apps that track activity, sleep patterns and calorie consumption, there are currently no tracking systems that can automatically and reliably monitor what we eat.”

“Instead, existing apps require quantities and descriptions of meals to be entered manually, which is a very tedious process. This is a big gap because food consumption is an important part of wellbeing.”

Demonstrating the prototype
Until now, very few mobile games have been developed with senior consumers in mind. Eyelead demonstrated its prototype at last year’s INCluSilver Innovation Training & Networking Event (ITNE) in Paris and the gaming industry event Game Connection Europe 2018.

“Our intention was to gather feedback from experts in the software and health & wellbeing industries and explore opportunities for further collaboration and joint ventures,” Joseph explains.

Next-step collaboration
The demonstrations paid off. At ITNE, Eyelead came into contact with another INCluSilver partner – Incareview. The companies are now working towards a system for nutrition tracking in institutions, where nutrition feedback can have a positive impact on the quality of life.

Joseph is grateful for the INCluSilver funding and support that have brought Eyelead this far.

“INCluSilver helped us research the market, understand its needs and pinpoint an area where we can make a difference. By collaborating with companies that have complementary skills, we can apply e-health and gamification to help improve the lives of specific age groups.”