NutriMed Dietary Supplement Producing Ltd.


NutriMed Dietary Supplement Producing Ltd. Project: Development of a personalised food supplement to increase the number of years living healthy The aim of this project is to create the MVP of a personalised, liquid-based food supplement system that contains an [...]

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WellbeMed Sweden AB Project: WellbeSleep® WellbeMed's project WellbeSleep® is a unique product aimed at older consumers who have difficulties falling asleep. The product is composed of a mixture of natural, organic ingredients that were selected based on clinical trials. The [...]




BIOMEB Project: WellB+: Personalised nutritional e-health recommendations for the silver population based on metabolomics and holistic individual evaluation The main objective of this innovation project is the demonstration in an operational environment (large scale demonstration) of WellB+, a new B&C [...]


MG Nutrición 3G


MG Nutrición 3G Project: Demonstration of efficacy of genetically personalised nutrition for disease prevention This project aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of personalised nutrition recommendations in preventing diseases based on a genetic test that allows knowing the individual predisposition for eleven [...]

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Movesca ApS Project: APPETITE Movesca's project APPETITE, which stands for "A Platform for Promoting Healthy Eating Habits of Elderly", aims to reduce malnutrition in older citizens. The project will implement and test a cross-sectoral IT-solution that improves collaboration between hospitals and municipalities and assists [...]




Indevex Project: NGC™ Extra Concept 2.0 Based on our first innovation, NGC™ Nutrient Soups, in this sector we aim to develop Natural Nutrient Foods, incl. best packaging and flavor, based on the NGC™ Formula targeting the silver age generation. [...]


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